Develop your Self-Management with Emotional Intelligence

Stress Management with Emotional Intelligence

How emotional intelligence can help with stress management.

Almost all of us work in a business environment that is constantly changing, is intense and is unrelenting.

With so many challenges and changes to deal with in both life and the workplace, it’s vital to understand how emotions relate to unfamiliar and unpredictable situations and to manage any related stress. Managing stress means keeping the right perspective, being flexible and maintaining a realistic level of optimism.

Understand more about the role of emotions in stress management. Learn how to develop your emotional resilience and use this skill at work.

The course helps you to

  • Understand how to cope with the emotions associated with change and unfamiliar or unpredictable circumstances
  • Discover how realistic optimism helps you to manage stress better
  • Explore ways to adapt and to use your flexibility more effectively

How to manage stress more effectively underpinned with good emotional awareness.


You are going to get some insights into how you view your stress management and how others view your stress management.

The project looks at assessing your stress management from your perspective and asks you to compare this with how others view your stress management. Use the information in this course to look at methods to improve the ways that you manage stress.


  • An understanding of how you use your emotions to develop your capability to manage your resilience
  • Insights about the lessons that you can gain from understanding the role of optimism in developing resilience and managing stress
  • An insight into how your flexibility impacts upon what causes you stress and how you manage it


  • Course notes for each module
  • Assess your stress management exercise
  • Practical activities to develop your stress management capabilities
  • Discussion boards to interact and share your learning with others

Stress management and emotional resilience can mean managing the emotions that you experience or managing the emotions of those around you. Good stress management enables you to use flexibility and optimism to tolerate stress effectively.

This course is available to you for 90 days from enrollment.

What's included?

24 Videos
1 Quiz
9 PDFs
3 Disqus

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