Develop your Self-Expression with Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence through Emotional Expression

Expressing your emotions assertively and appropriately.

How do you express yourself?

Is it in a calm and considered way or do you react quickly and impulsively? 

Are you aware of the power of your expression and the reactions from other people?

Emotions are not about being soft and fluffy - they are vital in helping you to make hard, direct management decisions. Expressing your emotions well can mean engaging with and persuading others with more influence and impact.  You achieve this through self discipline and emotional control.

The course helps you to

  • Understand how you use your internal perception to remain self-directed and openly express thoughts and feelings
  • Explore how to become more emotionally independent and more assertive
  • Discover how to communicate your feelings in constructive and socially acceptable ways

How to use your feelings of inner strength and confidence to develop the perception that you have of yourself.


You are going to get some insights into how you view the way that you express your emotions and how others view your self-expression.

The project looks at assessing how you view your emotional expression and asks you to compare this with how others view the way that you use your emotions. Use the information in this course to look at ways to improve the ways that you work with your self-expression.


  • An understanding of how the way that you express your emotions can support you or limit you in your life

  • Insights about the lessons that you can gain from being emotionally independent of others and how you can use your assertiveness better

  • An insight into how your emotional expression drive your ability to engage with others more appropriately to build more effective relationships


  • Course notes for each module
  • Assess your self-expression exercise
  • Practical activities to develop your self-expression capabilities
  • Discussion boards to interact and share your learning with others

How you express yourself - your thoughts and your feelings - depends upon how well you share your emotions, how assertive you are and how independent you are. The way that you express yourself is one of the ways that you use your emotional intelligence.

This course is available to you for 90 days from enrollment. 

What's included?

32 Videos
1 Quiz
9 PDFs
3 Disqus

Course Curriculum

Exercise - Emotional Expression
Emotional Expression Discussion Forum
Exercise - Assertiveness
Assertiveness Discussion Forum
Independence Discussion Forum
Self-Expression Quiz

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